‘Not So Great’ Vegan Tomato Soup

Compared to the recent weather, it’s been quite chilly today. I have quite a bit of salad stuff in the fridge but really didn’t feel like cold food when I was already cold.
What could I make that’s hot,  filling and quick to prepare?
Soup! Yes, a nice soup would be just right and I’m sure I can make something from bits and piece I’ve have in.
I tend to go for chunky veg soups – somewhere between a soup and stew really. But today I quite fancied something more cream of tomatoish. Surely a vegan tomato soup recipe wouldn’t be that hard to find? Or at least I could find one I could easily adapt. So, I open up Pinterest and search for quick soup recipes. Scrolling down I spot a recipe for hot ‘n’ spicy roasted red pepper and tomato soup. The recipe was already vegan, I had all the ingredients and it would be ready in ten minutes. Vegan tomato soup in a flash, Perfect. What could go wrong?
I rinsed the jarred peppers as I thought they might taste too vinegary otherwise. Fetched the garlic, almonds, Marigold stock powder and opened the cupboard to get some oil. There I spotted a bottle of chilli infused olive oil which seemed a great partner for the peppers and tomatoe. So I used that in place of plain olive oil. I blitzed the ingredients in my BlendTec and then poured some into a saucepan to heat. The soup had a beautiful rich red colour and smelt good too, making me glad I had enough to freeze for another day.


vegan tomato soup



I grabbed a spoon sat down and tasted the soup… Well, it tasted as nice as it looked and smelt but… Oh my gosh was it spicy! I don’t mind spicy food but this was a whole other level spicy. Sadly I only managed a few spoonfuls before my mouth was burning painfully.

I am hoping I can cool down the remaining soup so it will still be useable. Failing that I will use it as a chilli sauce for my eldest as he likes it hot.

And after all that heat,  the salad sounded great after all!






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