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Food Names – United Kingdom and America

Many common ingredients are known by different names in America. These include many vegetables, beans,baking ingredients and condiments and make recipes seem confusing or ingredients impossible to find.

I have composed a list of some food names that differ in the United Kingdom and United States to make finding the correct ingredient and following recipes easy.


UK Food Name                    US Food Name

Aubergine                                           Eggplant
Beef mince                                          Ground beef
Bicarbonate of soda                          Baking soda
Broad Beans                                       Fava beans
Caster sugar                                       Superfine sugar
Celeriac                                               Celery root
Chickpeas                                           Garbanzo beans
Chicory                                                Endive
Chips                                                    French fries
Coriander                                            Cilantro
Cornflour                                             Cornstarch
Courgette                                             Zucchini
French/green beans                          String beans
Groundnut oil                                     Peanut oil
Haricot bean                                       Navy beans
Icing sugar                                          Confectioners’ sugar
Plain flour                                           All-purpose flour
Pepper (capsicum)                            Bell pepper
Polenta                                                 Cornmeal
Spring onion                                       Scallions
Swede                                                   Rutabaga
Wholemeal flour                                Whole wheat flour



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