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Ten Easy and Vegan Ways to Use Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is a great vegan alternative to dairy milks and has a range of uses. It is available in tins and this is generally a thicker milk that is perfect for curries and a thinner milk for drinking can be bought in cartons. It can be used to replace dairy milks in hot drinks, for putting on cereal or making porridge and coconut milk also makes a delicious and creamy hot chocolate.

1. Tinned coconut milk can be whipped like dairy cream to use on desserts and hot drinks. Refrigerated a can of coconut milk until well chilled (overnight is also ok). Now open the can and carefully remove the thicker layer that has settled on top, stopping once you reach the thinner water underneath. This thick creamy layer can be whipped using an electric beater or hand whisk just as you would double cream. Sugar and flavorings can also be added if desired. The thin watery liquid left in the bottom of the tin can be drunk or added to fruit juices or smoothies.

2. Add to soups when recipes call for dairy cream.

3. Mix tinned coconut milk with passata to create a dairy free pasta bake sauce. Pour over cooked pasta and bake until heated through and slightly crisp on top. The bake could be topped with vegan cheese.

4. Add to mash potato instead of milk and dairy free spread. This also works well with other mashed root veg such as carrot and swede, sweet potato and squashes.

4. Add to banana, mango, pineapple and kiwi for a delicious tropical smoothie. Coconut milk and pineapple juice also makes a refreshing and delicious drink.

5. Tinned coconut milk can be used to make a quick and easy curry when combined with the curry paste of your choice.

5. Cook rice in coconut milk to add n exotic flavour.

6. Dissolve cocoa in a little hot water and pour in hot coconut milk to create a creamy dairy free hot chocolate.

7. Use tinned coconut milk to create dairy free vegan fudge. An example recipe can be found here.

8. Use coconut milk in place of other milks when making rice pudding. The thinner drinking type is best for this.

9. Make great healthy ice lollies for children (and adults!) by blending coconut milk with fruits and then freezing in lolly molds.

10. Make coconut ice cream.


Ten Easy uses for coconut milk
Photo Source: Nize, [CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

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