Vegan Rice and Greens. A Twist on Rice and Peas

I created this vegan rice dish based on the Jamaican rice and peas. Rice and peas came be found in many variations but the basic ingredients are rice and beans – often kidney or black beans. Chillies are often included as well as herbs and flavours such coconut.

One of my favourite vegan rice meals to make is stir fried basmati rice with mixed veg. I prefer basmati rice as it has a nicer texture and I also find that is less soft once cooked, but any rice will work fine. I stir fry the previously cooked and cooled rice with whatever vegetables I happen to have in the fridge. Frozen mixed veg are also a great stand by for making this in a hurry.

Spring onions and peas are two of my favourite veg so I decided to combine them with some leftover rice and rice and greens was born! When I cook rice I often cook extra and then freeze this in one portion sizes to be used later. The packages are prefect for if I am only cooking for myself or for reheating with leftover curry or chilli. If you want to save rice once it has been cooked it should be cooled as quickly as possible. The rice should then be stored in the fridge or placed in the freezer.

Recipe notes

This recipe is also gluten free if you use tamari sauce. If you do not need to avoid gluten or wheat the tamari can be substituted with soy sauce.

If you prefer you can swap any vegan oil for the sunflower oil. However some may change the end taste of the recipe.

Vegan Rice and Peas

Serves 2

150g (6oz) basmati rice, cooked and cooled
100g (4oz) spring onions
80g (3oz) frozen peas
1 tbsp. tamari
Freshly ground salt and pepper, to taste
1 tbsp. sunflower oil

1. Slice the spring onions and place in a bowl with the peas. Mix to combine.

2. Heat the oil in a wok. Add the rice, peas, spring onions and tamari and cook stirring until hot and the peas are completely cooked.

3. Season to taste with freshly ground salt and pepper.


vegan rice




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