50 Quick and Easy Vegan Snack Ideas

Many people think that vegan food is complicated, expensive or even boring. In fact nothing could be further from the truth.

This list of fifty vegan snack ideas shows that it is possible to eat a huge variety of meals and foods. This list of vegan snacks also shows that many everyday foods are already vegan. In other cases there is a large range of alternative vegan versions of foods. These include non-dairy milks, yoghurts, condiments such as mayonnaise and breads.

vegan snack ideas
Photo source: Fir0002, [GFDL 1.2], via Wikimedia Commons

1) Banana on toast
2) Granola bars
3) Stuffed mushrooms
4) Stuffed peppers
5) Potato hash
6) Sweet potato fries
7) Vegetable tempura
8) Stir fried veg
9) Rice with mixed veg
10) Trail mixes
11) Dried fruit and nuts
12) Tortilla chips and salsa
13) Peanut butter and banana sandwich
14) Fruit salad
15) Sliced apple sprinkled with cinnamon
16) Nachos
17) Pasta salad
18) Baked beans on toast
19) Avocado chocolate mousse
20) Pancakes
21) Popcorn
22) Roasted vegetables
23) Kale chips
24) Roasted chick peas or beans
25) Soya yoghurt
26) Fruit leathers
27) Pitta bread and hummus
28) Instant noodles
29) Rice crackers with peanut butter or jam
30) Vegan ice cream
31) Cereal
32) Oatmeal or porridge
33) Vegetable sticks and dips
34) Smoothies
35) Vegetable crisps
36) Mushrooms on toast
37) Baked bananas with toffee
38) Vegetable soups
39) Bean chilli
40) Falafel
41) Salad
42) Potato salad
43) Mushrooms fried with garlic and olive oil
44) Pasta with pesto
45) Lentil dhal
46) Carrot sticks and hummus
47) Bruschetta
48) Crackers with vegan cheese and salsa
49) Sweet pizza
50) Baked plantain chips


Vegan dahl. 50 vegan snack ideas
Vegan Dahl



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