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A couple of My Favorite Vegan Blogs

So, it is Monday again already. I find the weeks go by so fast lately, though to be honest this year has flown by. To start the week I thought that I would share some of my favourite vegan blogs with you.

FatFree Vegan Kitchen has so many great recipes it is hard to know which to make first! In general the recipes on the site do not use any refined fats at all (oil, margarine, and shortening) which makes them great for anyone looking to avoid these or lose weight. Recipes that contain any unrefined fats such as coconut milk, nuts and avocados are marked as being ‘Higher Fat’.

Every recipe on the site has full ingredients lists and step by step instructions. Nutritional information is also supplied. FarFree Vegan Kitchen has a very useful feature in that you can store your favourite recipes in a recipe box and come back to them at a later date. Great for keeping favourite recipes to hand. There are even some gluten free options and the Oil-Free Waffle Iron Hash Browns are particularly yummy.

Nouveau Raw is always my first stop when I am looking for raw recipes. From artisan breads to cookies and gift ideas there are so many vegan recipes to chose from and some you would never believe could be made raw at all. I love the vegetable noodles and both my youngest son and daughter love the apple noodles. I get a lot of requests for those 🙂 The Raw Chocolate and Strawberry Zebra Cheesecake is delicious and looks stunning. Perfect for a celebration cake whether you are a raw food enthusiast or not.

The recipes have detailed information regarding ingredients steps to follow so this is a good site for those that are new to raw foods too. There are also sections where raw food techniques and ingredients are explained along with general information on the raw food diet and how to get started or incorporate raw foods into your diet. For readers in America there is also an Amazon store where equipment and ingredients can be purchased.

Bunny Kitchen is stuffed full of vegetarian and vegan recipes and also includes so gluten free options. This blog has a great range of recipes including salads, cakes, sweet treats, burgers and sandwiches. If you scroll to the bottom of the recipe list or take a look in the DIY section you can also find great cruelty free and wholesome gift ideas for your friends and family. Or why not treat yourself?

The recipes on Bunny Kitchen feature step by step instructions and frankly delicious looking photographs. Where appropriate the recipes give various option for ingredient substitutions and note which are vegan options. The site also features reviews, give aways and information posts for a great and tasty all round resource. This morning we made the Five Ingredient Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies and I doubt they will last the day! Scrummy 😉

A plant based vegan diet is a healthy and nutritious choice.

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